VÕSU PORT is located in Lääne-Viru County, Võsu small town, on the shore of Käsmu Bay. The designed draught of the port is 1.5 m; services offered: ramp, water supply, sewerage, electricity, WiFi, WC, sauna, round-the-clock security services. Contact telephone: +372 505 8145

Restaurant WÖSE is located in the port’s administrative building. Telephone +372 550 2334
Telephone: +372 518 8096

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A cycle and pedestrian track leads to Võsu centre (ca 1 km away) along the beach. A grocery store, market, accommodation and catering services are available at the town centre.

Võsu, which is a historic trading place that turned into a summer home district, is a seaside community by Käsmu Bay. The small town has strong ties with the 3 km-long beach that boasts sandy shores, beautiful sea views and pine forests. The sandy terrain and low water level of the bay guarantee that the beach is especially suited to families with children as well as windsurfers or holidaymakers who want to enjoy sunbathing, swimming and simply staying at the seaside.

Catering establishments can be found at Võsu, Altja, Palmse, Sagadi, Vihula, Käsmu. Points of interest and sights in the area: Hiking and nature trails at the Lahemaa National Park; Palmse, Sagadi and Vihula manor; Käsmu captains’ village; Altja fishing village.

The nearest ports:

* Viinistu
* Vergi
* Kotka
* Helsinki
* Porvoo

The port is 37 km from the town of Rakvere.

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General information

Designed draught 1.5 m
No. of spots 56

Potable water
Fuel (diesel, petrol)
Car service station (diesel, petrol)

Price list

Renting a dock for 1–6-metre vessels1 month €120, season €400
Renting a dock for 6–10-metre vessels1 month €180, season €600
Ramp use€10
Parking / parking a trailer on port territory€2 per day
€10 per week
€40 per month
Parking a motor vehicle on port territory€5 for visiting
€15 for a full day
Single use of dock€20
Use of seminar room€25/h
€100 per day
Use of sauna€30 for first hour, €20 for every following hour
€100 per day
Use of shower€2 per person
Use of washing machine€3 per use
Renting a dock for three years1–6-metre vessel €1,500
6–10-metre vessel €2,000


Port authority

Haljala rural municipality

Tel: +372 325 8630
E-mail: haljala@haljala.ee
Web page: www.haljala.ee

Port operator

Captain of the port Andrus Aasmäe

Tel: +372 505 8145
E-mail: info@vosusadam.ee

MTÜ Võsu Sadam

Reg. No: 80337724

Chairman of the board: Hanno Nõmme

Andrus Aasmäe
Toomas Varek
Valdek Kilk
Urmas Osila

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